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This publication will include a summary of the event, Enduring Apocalypse, which was an experiment presenting 12 hours of performances by over 50 artists/collectives from around NYC and beyond, conducted on October 16, 2021 from 10am-10pm at the Abrons Arts Center amphitheater. 


The publication will also include documentations of and contributions by each of the performers.


Each performer responded to, contended with, expanded on all of the ways apocalypse befalls us, and ways to endure the ongoing man-made disasters happening to us and around us. Audiences were invited to drop in and out of the event as they wished for the duration of the program. 


The event was a demonstration, a release, a retrieval, a restoration. It is a way to be in community, and be present with place, its histories & temporalities. Each performance held the stage for 10 minutes, bringing an offering into the multitude, something enduring, something transient, something for the collective present; with performance styles spanning across genres, mediums, forms.


This was a practice of being in relation. As we revolved around the sun, the audience revolved, the performers too. Together, we facilitated momentary experimental grounds for artistic expression, research, study, interaction; and to feel a cathartic release–– all of which the dynamic audience witnessed.


This project was part of the City Artist Corps initiative with NYFA, New York Culture, Queens Theatre, and MadeinNY. #CityArtistCorps #EnduringApocalypse


Edited by: Jenna Hamed

Design: Isobel Chiang

Photos: Noel Maghathe, Lara Atallah

Photo editing: Jenna Hamed


Anticipated release date: February 2022

PRE-ORDER: Enduring Apocalypse Publication

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