October 2021

Organizer: How to Cook a Wolf, curated by Alison Karasyk | CBA

Organizer: What the Butterfly Dragon Taught Me: Dimensional Stories in Paper: Colette Fu | CBA

Organizer: Impracticum: Mining Books on Color: JULM Studios | CBA

July 2021

Curator: There Where You Are Not: A Palestine Reading Room | Chinatown Soup, NYC

Organizer: Summer Reading, curated by Ann Tarantino & Lindsey Landfried | CBA

Curator: Imperfect Archiving/Archiving as Practice: Be Oakley / Genderfail | CBA

Organizer: 2020 Paris Photo–Aperture Foundation PhotoBook Awards: Aperture Foundation | CBA

April 2021

Organizer: Veiled Taxonomies: Betsy Stirratt | CBA

Organizer: Interspecies Futures [IF], curated by Oscar Salguero | CBA
Organizer: Lights, Tunnels, Passages & Shadows: Maureen Catbagan | CBA

January 2021

Organizer: Out of Sight, Beyond Touch, curated by Maryam Ghoreishi | CBA

Curator: New Book Art: Work from 2019 Artists in Residence | CBA


October 2020

Organizer: Americans Looking In, curated by Emilie Ahearn and Sherri Littlefield | CBA

Organizer: Morcos/Key Makes/Reads: Wael Morcos and Jon Key | CBA

Organizer: Construction Site: Viviane Rombaldi Seppey | CBA


January 2020

Organizer: I open my eyes and see myself under a tree laden with fruit that I cannot name. Curated by Lila Nazemian | CBA

Organizer: Remembering Walter Hamady: Selections from The Perishable Press. Curated by Kelsey King | CBA

Organizer: The Private Life of Rag Dolls: Faride Mereb | CBA

October 2019

Organizer: Walt Whitman’s Words: Inspiring Artists Today. Curated by Deirdre Lawrence | CBA

Curator: Witnessing Artist’s Books: Clarissa Sligh | CBA

July 2019

Organizer: Poetry is Not a Luxury, Curated by Maymanah Farhat | CBA

Organizer: The Reverse of Landscape: Catalina De La Cruz | CBA

Curator: The Traveling Artist: Journals by Lydia Rubio | CBA

April 2019

Organizer: Rising Together. Curated by College Book Art Association | CBA

Curator: New Book Art: Work from 2018 Artists-in-Residence | CBA

January 2019

Organizer: Politics of Place. Curated by Alexander Campos & Monica Oppen | CBA

Organizer: Dignidad: Maria Veronica San Martin | CBA

August 2018

Curator: Sacrifice: a traveling interfaith exhibition | New York, NY

April 2018

Curator: Qisas: Narratives of Resistance | New York, NY


October 2021

Curator & Organizer: Enduring Apocalypse: A Performance Art Marathon. A 12 hour event showcasing 50 performance based works. | Independent

June 2021

Co-Curator & Co-Organizer: A Poetry Reading in the Sky // The Sky as in Palestine. Poetry reading / fundraiser / awareness event for Palestine. | Independent

May 2021

Organizer: Radical Legacies in Contemporary Creative Work​. A series of four conversations movement work from the perspective of Black artists and organizers from major cities throughout the US. 

Curated by Shani Peters and Joseph Cuillier III. | CBA

March 2021

Panel Moderator: Designing Poetry Chapbooks in the Book Arts | Queens College 

April 2020

Instructor: 7 Week Virtual Writing Workshop | Islamic Center at NYU

March 2020

Organizer: Between Heritage and Modernity: Three Panel Discussions on Arabic Typography with international experts in the field.

Curated by Dr. Nadine Chahine. | CBA

April 2019

Presenter: Re-Surfacing the “Abandoned Property” | Jerusalem, Palestine

March 2019

Organizer: Women in Publishing: Three Panel discussions on the history and contributions of women in the US publishing world.

Curated by Sarah Kirk Hanley. | CBA

October 2018

Instructor: Healing Through The Arts | Islamic Center at NYU

June 2017

Presenter: Allied Media Conference: Community Filmmaking | Detroit



December 2020

 Judge: 2021 Grant Cycle for Literary Programs | Brooklyn Arts Council

December 2019

Judge: 2020 Grant Cycle for Literary Programs | Brooklyn Arts Council 

November 2019

Advisor: Contemporary Muslim Fashions | Cooper Hewitt Design Museum

June 2019

Artist: Iftar for IRAP Exhibition | New York, NY

November 2018

Judge: 2019 Grant Cycle for Literary Programs | Brooklyn Arts Council

January 2018

Fellow: Critical Muslim Studies School | Cape Town, South Africa