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Enduring Apocalypse: A Performance Art Marathon, From Light Til Night

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

1 minute recap by Justin Sengly HERE

This 12 hour experiment presents 50 performances by 50 artists/collectives, from 10am-10pm at the Abrons Art Center Amphitheater.

Artists will be responding to, contending with, expanding on all of the ways apocalypse befalls us, and ways to endure the ongoing man-made disasters happening to us and around us.

This event is a demonstration, a release, a retrieval, a restoration. It is a way to be in community, and be present with place, its histories & temporalities. Each performance will hold the stage for 10 minutes, bringing an offering into the multitude, something enduring, something transient, something for the collective present; with performance styles spanning across genres, mediums, forms.

This is a practice of being in relation. As we revolve around the sun, the audience revolves, the performers too. We hope to facilitate momentary experimental grounds for artistic expression, research, study, interaction; and to feel a cathartic release–– all of which the dynamic audience witnesses.

This event is organized entirely independently by a few artists, with support from the NYC Artist Corps grant.

Flier design by Isobel Chiang

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